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In the table below are our crème de la crème for June. We decided to give the site a bit of a facelift this month, hoping it will provide more pertinent and actionable info on each company, and to remove some tedium that I’m too lazy to keep up with these days. All in all it should be more useful.

The two far-right columns in the table will change monthly. They’ll show interesting data points that we closely follow for each company. This month Book Value/Share and Free Cash Flow/Sales are noted. Next month may be P/E and ROE, and so on.

As always, do your own due diligence cuz we ain’t pros! The BeanScreen is just an idea creator.

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  Stock Months on List
Latest News, Notes, Links
Book Value/Sh
1. NTES 16  Minecraft Will Officially Enter China on Mobile and PC via NetEase $36 30%
2. LCI 14  Receives FDA Approval For Neomycin Sulfate Tablets USP, 500 mg $15 29%
3. AMBA  18  5 Things Ambarella, Inc. Management Wants You to Know $11 38%
4. TSM  23  May revenues +4.9% YoY $8 30%
5. UTHR  7  Missed on revs, beat on EPS; Q1 sales +12.7% YoY, 1M share buyback $38 23%
6. GILD  28  is close to “making the perfect cocktail” for the treatment of HIV. $10 54%
7. MNST  29  is in the process of launching Monster in China later this year $25 6%
8. PCLN  50  Last 4 Q’s income data. Impressive numbers from top to bottom. $182 32%
9. AVGO  10  Apple Recovery ‘Imminent’ As Broadcom Guides iPhone 7 Content Up $18 25%
10. NHTC  3  Last 4 Q’s income data looks steady from top to bottom. $4 26%
11. EQM  9  Last 4 Q’s income data. $21 7%
12. QIWI  7  Q1 results; Visa QIWI Wallet receives M-Wallet of the Year award $11 N/A
13. SWKS  10  “we are well positioned to continue capitalizing on powerful connectivity and Internet of Things” $19 17%
14. ANIK  30  “launch of CINGAL in Europe marks important milestone in our global expansion” $13 27%
15. TARO  2  reported fiscal fourth-quarter earnings of $115 million. $41 47%
16. ATHM  8  Going private? $7 40%
17. FRAN  3  the surprising resignation of Michael Barnes as chairman $3 9%
18. PDLI  4  Q1 revenues declined 31%, adj net income +7% YoY $5 38%
19. ARMH  14  bolstered exposure to DM of embedded computer vision w/ purchase of Apical $6 N/A
20. SLP  11  Posted a record Q2 along with a hefty 5yr contract award with research foundation $1 25%
21. ATW  2  Beat Q2 earnings expectations; more upside IMO as balance sheet is strong $48 14%
22. USNA  1  “We are delighted to have our efforts recognized year after year” $20 8%
23. BIIB  23   Loses Big MS Gamble As Anti-LINGO Fails Clinical Trial $47 30%
24. AMSG  2  Topped Q1 expectations on top and bottom lines. Cash + equivs = $86M $40 17%
25. IPGP  24  Acquires Menara Networks for $46.8M in cash, expects to be accretive to earnings in 2018 $25 21%
26. NVO  10  U.S. FDA panel recommends approval of diabetes drug $2 32%
27. APEI  1  Last 4 Q’s income data $15 14%
28. FDS  1  awarded the “Best Overall Provider” of market data $13 29%
29. ALGT  4  May 2016 traffic: total system passengers +18%, revs/pass miles +16% YoY $22 8%
30. HCI  28  Last 4 Q’s income data $24 N/A


































In this month: USNA, APEI, FDS



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The BeanScreen is based on fundamentals. Every month hundreds of companies are screened to create a “fundy health” index. Over time, an average score and rank is compiled for a select group of stocks. Below are the six categories (with weighting) that contribute to the screen:

  • 25% Growth Rates – YoY/TTM/3yr/5yr Sales, EPS, etc
  • 25% Profit Margins – TTM/5yr Gross, operating, net
  • 15% Financial Condition – D/E, BV/Sh, EV/Rev, FCF/Rev, etc
  • 15% Price Ratios – P/E, P/S, P/B, P/CF, PEG, FP/E
  • 15% Investment Returns – MRQ/5yr ROE, ROA, ROC
  • 5% Misc. – 100D RSI, Short Ratio/Float, Ins Ownership, etc

Within each category are an assortment of parameters that are uploaded into the BeanScreen via Randy Hamerlink’s stock market functions add-in program for Excel. The data is bench-marked and scored using our custom formula.

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disclosure: as of 5/31/16 we’re long the above mentioned – GILD, LCI, AMBA, SLP, ALGT, QIWI

Other stocks/ETFs we own: RMGN, PLUG, HHC, SNH, ELY, FNMAS, KMI


The information in this blog post represents my own opinions and does not contain a recommendation for any particular security or investment. I or my affiliates may hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the Blog, please see my Disclaimer page for my full disclaimer.

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