BeanScreen LinkHouse – Week in Review (June 24-28, 2013)

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  • on June 28th, 2013


A run down of the latest news and notes from our crème de la crème this past week:

$PCLN crazy awesome 14yr chart from @harmongreg showing fib levels (I think). What a ride.

$ATW nice in-depth look at the little driller from Houston with a global presence – IBD

$CF Alberta floods temporarily shut the doors on their Medicine Hat nitrogen fert plant – Zacks

$LULU Morgan Stanley dished out a healthy dose of 1 year securities, biggest in 3+ years – Bloomberg

$TEO nice bounce back after getting clobbered a couple weeks ago.

$NTES what an amazing week for the Chinese ‘netter and gamer.

$QCOM multiple compression is now a worry as the heat from Intel is turned up  – Barron’s

$RGR and their rival $SWHC can’t keep up with demand…need more capacity – BusinessWeek

$MYGN signed deal with $TSRO to run new BRCA mutation clinical studies – Myriad

$MSFT gets rave reviews from competitor/partner Aaron Levie, CEO of Box- BusinessInsider

$WDC scooped up $STEC for a cool $340 mil. Solid-state drive full speed ahead captain! – Reuters

$INTC the Rattner steps down as CTO.  Why?  He’s old – Intel Newsroom

$ISRG another jab thrown from the FDA, but nothing really new here…carry on – CNBC

$SYNT cool vid showing highlights from their recently sponsored Enactus India competition – Syntel


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