BeanScreen LinkHouse – Week in Review (April 9-13, 2012)

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  • on April 13th, 2012

A run down of the latest news and notes from our crème de la crème this past week.


$RES continues to get the smack down as nat gas remains at depressed levels. Reports 4/25

$CEO will team up with Italy’s Eni in search of black gold in the South China Sea – Y! Finance

$EZPW a lone consultant plunked down a cool $3.6 mil recently for stock – AustinBizJournal

$HITK a bad week for our little generic druggy, but getting closer to our $30-32 buy range.

$NTES a bullish sign for the Chinese ‘netters as mobile usage jumped big time in 2011 – IBD

$AAPL we threw down a $600 stop the other day on 1/3 of our holdings. Getting very close…

$CF I punch myself in the face every time I look at the 2 year chart. Obviously no position.

$TNH see $CF.

$TEO struck down in the Lightning Round by The Cramer: “Me no go Argentina!” – CNBC

$BKE you “feeling the wealth” yet? Mid to high end retailers may benefit from it – Bloomberg

$GRMN currently has 4 items in the top 40 of $AMZN’s “bestsellers in electronics” list.

$LULU a “brand without constraints” managed by “dreamers and doers.”  Ass kissers. BI

$INTC analysts were surprised as PC shipments grew 2% in Q1. Reports 4/17 – Marketwire

$DECK another tough week as 52wk lows were hit. Looking to add to our holding ~ $58

$BVN moving very well this week as earnings on 4/30 fast approaches. Sumpin’s up…

$CHL the look on his face seems to say, “Screw all y’all, I’m outta here!” Probably here now.

$RGR one million in one year – BusinessWire  …that explains the one year chart.

$TRLG a VP leaves for greener pastures? Not sure what it means – WWD  h/t @talentedblond


On a side note, we closed our $CVX position last week and currently have stops placed on:

$RIMM – $12

$MSFT – 30

$SYK – 52

$AAPL – 600



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