BeanScreen LinkHouse – Week in Review (January 7-11, 2013)

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  • on January 11th, 2013

A run down of the latest news and notes from our crème de la crème this past week.

Bullish Tide

A Bullish Tide?


On a side note, Bama’s national championship win could very well bring a bit o’ good luck to the markets this year. Check out this fun piece from Bespoke Investment (h/t to @JeffReevesIP).


$CF turned in a strong week. Per the wise @gtlackey, do not ignore this chart!

$CEO the coldest winter in 42 years ices operations in parts of Bohai BayZacks

$LULU if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. This trend is just the beginning – post-gazette

$QCOM introduces StreamBoost to help with the high demands of home networks – pcmag

$RGR oh, the irony of it all! h/t to @Fiblineinfowars

$CHL c’mon let’s do this already! Looking at you too $AAPL… – Bloomberg

$CPA cruised to all time highs as December passenger traffic increased 21% YoY – Copa

$RES has had a nice run over the last few months as Q4 approaches on Jan 23.

$NVO the mighty Danish pharma smacked out all time highs on Friday. Impressive.

$PCLN “The Negotiator harbors many secrets, and this is just one of them.”Y! Finance

$AAPL a big report coming up on the 23rd. Check out the latest estimates from Estimize.

$QCOR according to its Form 8-K, expects record Acthar vial shipments in Q4 – Y! Finance

$MA ex-auto, US retail sales grew 2.4% YoY in December – Y! Finance

$TNH not sure what caused it, but a big move this week.

$FCFS the gold rush (to pawn) ain’t over just yet – CNBC

$EZPW put the final touches on its acquisition of online lender GoCashBizJournals

$FAST reports Q4 and full year next Thur. We’re Estimizing a slight miss on top and bottom.

$CALM last 4 Q’s income data. Eggs are an up and down business it seems – Y! Finance

$BIDU the crowd swings bullish as mobile is expected to play a bigger role in 2013 – Barron’s

$INTC when a tech stock is like a tobacco stock. You have to read it to believe it – SizemoreInsights


disclosure:  we’re currently long CF, CEO, LULU, QCOM, CHL, RES, PCLN, AAPL, QCOR, FCFS, EZPW, INTC


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