BeanScreen LinkHouse – Week in Review (November 5-9, 2012)

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  • on November 9th, 2012

A run down of the latest news and notes from our crème de la crème this past week.

Stocktoberfest 2012

$CF low natty gas costs helped produce a record Q3 for the big fert – CF Industries

$CEO chairman Wang says it ain’t gonna be easy workin’ the shale in China – WallStCS

$EZPW turned in a record Q4 and year, but guiding down for 2013 is never a good thing – AP

$NVO gets a cursory nod from FDA panelists for its new longer-lasting diabetes drug – AP

$RES Merry Christmas! Holders will find a special divy of 20c per share in their stocking on 12/26.

$AAPL forget the living room, iOS is gearing up for the real next big thing …auto? – Apple Insider

$TNH cranked out mixed Q3 as revs were -22% and net income +2% over last yr – Terra Nitrogen

$PCLN didn’t waste time picking up $KYAK after its recent IPO…here’s why it’s a steal – YCharts

$RGR appears to have caught a post-election bounce. Here’s the why and how – CNN Money

$CHL new blood at the top could spell a more investor-friendly climate in China – Bloomberg

$QCOM ripped up Q4 and full year as revs surpassed $19 bil in 2012. Long! – Y! Finance

$INTC fun fact from @Convertbond: yield hit all time high of 4.3%, 270bps > 10yr UST.  Wow!

$WDC a nice, simple clean-cut look at their last 4 Q’s income data. Not too shabby – Y! Finance

$TRLG the denim diva’s Q3 beats estimates, but guidance weak. Now when is that buyout?

$EBIX the dreaded “SEC investigation” rears its ugly head. Company says “no way!” –

$CPA the Panamanian airliner reported a strong Q3 with revs +25% and net +8.3% – Copa Airlines

$NTES reports Q3 next Wed. They missed by 3c last quarter. Here’s a sneak peak – WallStCS

$CYOU newbie to the WSB30 let loose a record Q3 as revs were +29%, net +18% – Y! Finance

$GRMN finally ended our long-standing love affair. Love the company, but not the stock right now.


disclosure:  we currently own shares in CF, CEO, EZPW, RES, AAPL, PCLN, RGR, CHL, QCOM, INTC, TRLG, NTES



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