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  • on June 30th, 2013


In the table below are our crème de la crème for July, along with the number of consecutive months each stock has made the list and their percent return during that time (adjusted for dividends and splits). Stocks checked off in the Buy Signal column look attractive to us to start the month.

As always, do your own due diligence cuz we ain’t pros! The BeanScreen is just an idea creator.

(as of 7/27/13)

Stock  Buy Signal  Brief  Cons. Months Return
1. PCLN    The Shat’s hitting on all cylinders as attention turns to expanding U.S. presence via Kayak.  15  18%
2. ATW    Continues to order drillships as the international market remains healthy.  8  21%
3. FHCO    Has the market cornered on female condoms. Careful tho as they seem like one trick pony.  3  24%
4. QCOR    Another one trick pony until they acquired rights to Synacthen from Novartis last month.  15  15%
5. CF  Growth has slowed as Mother Nature’s thrown off planting cycles and shut down ops.  17  -1.7%
6. IPAR    The parfum du jour makes top 10 debut. Last ER showed Euro sales up, US down.  2  15%
7. FOSL  Sales have amazingly remained strong. We’ve missed the boat a couple times here.  2  6.0%
8. CYOU    While the Chinese market grinds lower, the online gamer continues to hold its own.  9  65%
9. RGR Demand is outstripping sales capacity throughout industry, but how long can it last?  17  24%
10. MA  The power of plastic remains on full throttle as they delve into emerging markets.  8  23%
11. SYNT  Growth’s tailed off in recent Q’s, but a strong balance sheet and margins keep us long.  16  32%
12. WDC  Investors seem to have taken STEC buyout in stride as Western diversifies its folio.  6  33%
13. QCOM  “Mobile computing is going through a fundamental change.”  Snapdragon baby.  15  3.4%
14. FCFS  Took a big haircut after lowering guidance in lieu of tanking gold and the jumpy peso.  1  6.7%
15. CPA  Panamanian airliner continues to show decent growth, but valuation getting a bit hot?  9  55%
16. NTES    Another Chinese gamer defying the Motherland’s market meltdown.  2  2.8%
17. ISRG  Has an iron grip on robo-surgery market, but not for the squeamish as it tussles with FDA.  14  -27%
18. USNA    Don’t know much about ‘em…are they siphoning off ex $HLF investors’ money?  1  8.6%
19. CEO  Currently holds longest streak in BeanScreen, but returns have been sub-par.  34  0.2%
20. MSFT    Growth rates trending above 5yr averages and hefty margins puts ‘em on our “buy” radar  3  -4.5%
21. MLAB    Making its BeanScreen debut, the small cap lab from Colo may be worth a stab here.  1  17%
22. JCOM    From eFaxing to the cloud, J2 has managed to adapt with the changing biz services world.  8  54%
23. LULU  Fundies remain strong under the surface, but CEO leaving has caused major technical pain.  18  9.3%
24. INTC    Will 2nd half 2013 finally bring the mobile growth story we’ve been waiting on…forever?  18  -7.1%
25. ABAX    Don’t know much about ‘em but last 4 Q’s look relatively stable.  1  -13%
26. RES  Two years in the top 30 and not a damn thing to show for it! Oh well maybe next month…  24  -4.6%
27. MELI  Latin America is a double-edged sword (see Brazil), but you can’t stop progress.  4  16%
28. MYGN  SCOTUS put an end to the lucrative gene patent story. Time to partner up?  8  9.4%
29. AMSG  Flirting with all time highs as hospital related plays have had a good run this year.  4  19%
30. UTHR    Biotechs are a fickle beast, but how can you not love this homepage!  2  9.0%






































2013 Buy List

Consecutive Months Tracker

With links & stuff – courtesy of @koolaidluke


The BeanScreen is based primarily on fundamentals. Each month hundreds of companies are screened on a “fundy health” index ranging 0-100. Over time, an average score and rank is compiled for a select group of stocks. Below are the six categories (with weighting) that contribute to the screen:

  • 25% Growth Rates
  • 20% Profit Margins
  • 15% Financial Condition
  • 15% Investment Returns
  • 15% Momentum
  • 10% Price Ratios

Within each category are an assortment of parameters that are uploaded into the BeanScreen via Randy Hamerlink’s stock market functions add-in program for Excel. The data is bench-marked and scored using our custom formula.

In creating the Buy Signal, we zero in on what we believe are the most critical aspects of a stock’s overall health: Growth Rates, Profit Margins, Price Ratios and Momentum. Deriving a sub-score from these four categories, we arrive at a threshold level that may reveal a buying opportunity.

Here’s a quick video demo:

(Zoom in for better view)

See what we’ve been up to lately at RebelMouse.


disclosure:  as of 7/26/13, we’re long the above mentioned – PCLN, ATW, QCOR, CF, LULU, CYOU, QCOM, NVO, UTHR, MSFT, MELI, INTC, CEO, ISRG, FCFS, TEO


The information in this blog post represents my own opinions and does not contain a recommendation for any particular security or investment. I or my affiliates may hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the Blog, please see my Disclaimer page for my full disclaimer.

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