Does This S&P Chart Look Familiar?

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  • on January 26th, 2013

If I told you the chart below (log scale) spanned about 13-15 years, at first glance you might say, “Well, that’s obviously from the late ’90s to date. Right?”


S&P - Aug '66 to Jan '80


This chart actually starts in Aug. 1966…and finishes in Jan. 1980. Creepy.


Now the chart below (log scale) is actually the S&P from the late ’90s to date (Aug. 1998-present).




While not picture perfect, the correlation is eerily similar. Whether it continues to play out is anyone’s guess (the world’s economies and markets are nothing like they used to be), but it’s cool to see how history often rhymes.

And we all know what the first chart did after 1980…




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