FinTwit’s Mt. Doom

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  • on August 10th, 2017


“Love when guys who’ve been recovery denying & crash calling since ’09 pipe up to warn crash is coming. Statute of limitations is long up dude.” – @mark_dow

“The meanest reversion is the one that refuses to revert in a timely enough fashion.” – @reformedbroker

“Pro tip. When you see a tweet for a correction based on a data point, check how long they’ve been calling for it.” – @Econompic


I just love the 3 quotes above. They perfectly sum up what’s been going on for years in some fintwit circles. A lot of smart and influential people have been dragged up this mountain of worry by their heels since the GFC. After so long, one has to wonder what is the ulterior motive?

I could have inserted hundreds of more similar quotes from this gang (and a host of others from within their “circles”), but I ran out of space. It’s not that I don’t think these guys have some valid points and worthwhile observations at times. My beef is with the perpetual nature of their doom ‘n gloom, especially on social media. The endless stream of negativity towards the markets and economy while rarely mentioning the positives is baffling to me.

I threw this chart together a few days ago (click to enlarge):



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